I have made many considerations regarding life and has occasionally found it hard to spot the meaning with this life, what’s my purpose? Life is short and often not very easy nor exciting. 

Since I was little I was able to create a lot out of nothing. Walking home from school, I created all sorts of imaginary scenarios to entertain myself. Often I found myself in close combat with scary monsters that I slaughtered with futuristic weapons and miscellaneous spells. I also imagined that I could grab cars and houses and smash them into small pieces, just like Godzilla would. My imagination has never failed me and I’m grateful that I have maintained my curiosity and lust for adventures as an adult. Biking through Aarhus, I’m discovering street art, people, abandoned buildings, construction sites, back yards, trash and everything else. I usually say I don’t attend festivals cause I prefer to create my own little festival every day in the public space and with the people I interact with where I meet them.
Through street art, activist interventions, back patches, trash, humor and performance, I invite those who are curious into my everyday adventure. An adventure that seeks to create a space for relationships, presence, wonder and change.  
My talks are informal and humorous, but with no filter when it comes to my view on life and society. I always bring my bag filled with art and other effects that binds my stories together and compliments the pictures shown on the projector.
My talks are suitable for art lovers as well as everyone else who is looking to be inspired to make their everyday lives a bit more adventurous and revolutionary.
Based on my artistic work and personal life, I can talk about the following topics:

• The story about the back patches
• Self-promotion in public spaces
• Ape performance in public spaces 
• Art in public spaces 
• Dumpster diving
• Finding clothes in the street and in secondhand stores
• How meaninglessness got me thinking
• My prisoner pen pal from Florida
• Why I choose to go vegan
• Animal rights activism

Since I’m not yet an experienced public speaker, the price for a talk will match my experience. Call or write me and get a non-binding offer on a talk tailored to your needs and interests. The talk can be combined with a performance or workshop.

Watch my Pecha Kucha “Drab med kunst til følge”. 


Ulrik Myrtue – Billedkunstner, historiefortæller og hverdagsaktivist
Reginehøjvej 27, 2. th., 8200 Aarhus N.
CVR-nr: 36679670



51 26 80 66

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